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The Content Library provides a central location for storing content that can be accessed across all sub-accounts linked to your Enterprise Account. It’s a great place to share articles, images and files with Poppulo users across your organisation.


Not only does it help ensure consistency of communications by ensuring everyone is using approved files and images, it can also save time and duplication of effort.


So how does it work?

  • By default, your Content Library features an Account Library (accessible to Enterprise Account users only) and a Shared Library (accessible to other users).

  • You can create as many additional libraries as you like from the Content Library tab.

  • Within each library, you can create folders to organise content; however you cannot create folders within folders.

  • Within each folder, you can upload articles, files or images that can be used across your sub-accounts.

  • Sub-account users can also upload content that they think will be useful to others.

  • You can limit access to certain libraries or folders via the Sharing Settings tab.


Top tips for using the Content Library:


Create a Master Library for approved content:

  • In Enterprise Accounts with multiple users, the Shared Library can quickly become cluttered and hard to navigate once there are multiple folders created within it.

  • Create a Master Library (you could call it IC Master Library) for approved content, and limit who has the ability to upload files and images into it.

  • Sub-account users can then be certain that any content within the master library is approved for internal use.


Top Tip:

  • You can create additional Libraries by clicking the green Add button on the right-hand side of the Content Library page, and selecting Add new Library from the drop-down.


If you’re uploading lots of content, create multiple Master Libraries:

  • To gain even greater control over your library content, create specific libraries for different types of content that you want to upload (e.g. an image library, article library).

  • You can then use folders within each of the specific libraries to make it even easier for users to find what they’re looking for.


Top Tip:

  • If you’re uploading images into your Shared Library, create a Master Image Library that can be accessible by all users.

  • You can then create separate folders for brand images, senior leadership photos and any other approved images that will be frequently used across accounts.

  • Users can then quickly navigate to the folder and the image that they’re looking for.  


Think about what content needs to be shared:

In addition to the image example above, there is plenty of other content that can be re-used across your accounts:

  • Poppulo Templates:

    • Many of our Enterprise customers create a suite of branded newsletter, flyer and event invite templates that all users must use within their accounts.

    • Sub-account users then choose the Select Template from Library function when creating a new communication, ensuring all communications are on-brand.   

    • This means that Enterprise Admins retain total control over the branding of templates, and helps to drive a consistent look and feel across your communications.

  • Template Mastheads:

    • Many users will spend time in Photoshop and other applications creating mastheads or banner images to use across the top of their templates.

    • Create a suite of brand-approved mastheads that are optimised for your templates and upload these to your Content Library.

    • Sub-accounts then simply select from different approved mastheads, saving considerable time and driving consistency.

  • Governance documents:

    • If you don’t have access to SharePoint or other collaboration software, use the Shared Library to upload Governance documents detailing how users should use their Poppulo accounts.

  • Files frequently used in communications:

    • If you have a limited intranet, storing policy documents and other information that is frequently included in your communications can help with version control and consistency.

    • Uploading files directly to Poppulo is also a great way to allow employees who aren’t able to access your intranet or document management system (e.g. following a recent acquisition) to access important documents.

  • Articles that can be re-used across accounts:

    • If there is an article that can be shared across sub-accounts (i.e. Financial Results, Change Programmes etc), adding these your Content Library allows sub-account users to import it directly into their own communications – saving considerable time and ensuring consistency.

    • View how to Upload Articles to a Library.


Ensure consistent Naming Conventions are applied:

  • If multiple users are uploading content into your Shared Library, ensure every user agrees to consistent naming conventions for images, files and folders.

  • This ensures that everyone can find what they’re looking for and will reduce the risk of duplicated documents.


Top Tip:

  • Create a specific Library for articles that can be used across accounts.

  • Create folders within the Library to further organise content

  • Base folder names on specific Folders in Poppulo(e.g. Financial Results 2014/15)

View more Tips for managing your Media Library


Monitor usage of files within your Libraries:

  • The Monitoring tab allows you to see how often each of your sub-accounts is using items uploaded to your Libraries, as well as when they last accessed a library.

  • If you notice a sub-account is not using content, they might not be aware of the resources available to them. You can then contact them to point out what is available.


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