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Video is one of the most effective and engaging ways to get your message across to employees. There's a number of different ways for you to include video within your Poppulo communications - this article explains the various options available to you and some key points to be aware of. 

Displaying video within email clients

Most email clients (such as Outlook and Lotus Notes) do not allow videos to be played directly in the email. That means there are certain things you'll need to do with your video before you're able to push send. 

Where is your video hosted? 

If you want to include a video from YouTube or Vimeo:

  • Poppulo has a feature that allows you to easily embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your email. Embedding a video into your article or Flyer allows your audience to watch your video content without having to visit another site.

  • Employees are able to simply watch the video from within the article itself - making it very easy to engage with video content, and adding extra impact to your communications. 

  • View step-by-step instructions on how to Embed a Video from Youtube or Vimeo.


If your video is hosted on your website or intranet: 
  • If your video is already hosted on your own website or intranet, the best approach is to add a link to the video within your email.

  • This ensures that video views are not split between different sites, helping you to measure the video more effectively.

  • Rather than including a text-based link, add some visual appeal by taking a screenshot of the video and inserting this as an image within your communication.

  • You can then add a hyperlink to the image, which will direct colleagues to the site where the video is hosted when they click the image.

  • To ensure that employees are aware that there is video content available, Poppulo features a nifty trick that places a Play symbol over the top of the image - see Embed a Video for more information.


If you have a video file but it's not currently hosted anywhere: 

  • Poppulo also allows you to upload small video files under 12 MB directly into your account - allowing employees to watch the video from within the email itself.

  • Certain file formats are supported by Poppulo, allowing you to host them directly in your account - for more information, see Upload and Embed a Video File in your Email.

  • If your file format is not supported then we suggest that you either convert your file format using an online service, or host it elsewhere e.g. on YouTube, Vimeo or your own website or intranet.  

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