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This article contains some Frequently Asked Questions related to including video within your communications. 

How can I include video in my email?


How do I know what type of video file I have?

  • If you’re a Windows user, locate the file on your computer and look at the file extension e.g. “.wmv” then compare it to the table below.

  • If you’re a Mac user, locate the file then right click on it and select 'Get Info'. You’ll see an info pane where you can identify the file type.


How do I take a screen shot of my video?

  • If you’re a Windows user: 

    • Open your video full screen and press the Print Screen button on your keyboard - it may be labeled [PrtScn].

    • Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint and paste your screenshot in there.

    • Save your image file in JPG format.

  • If you’re a Mac user use the method above but instead of [PrtScn] press [Command-Shift-3].

  • You could also use a special video screen capture tool such as ImageGrab or SceneGrabber.

  • For more detailed instructions on how to take a screenshot, see How to take a screenshot.


How do I get my video hosted on my website?

You should contact your website administrator and ask their advice.

How do I get my video hosted on my intranet?

You should contact your internal IT or intranet manager and ask their advice.

How do I upload my video to YouTube?

Visit and click on Upload. YouTube supports a variety of file formats and allows you lots of flexibility with your video. YouTube is a free ad-supported service.

How do I upload my video to Vimeo?

Visit and click on Upload. There are both free and paid plans on Vimeo depending your needs.

Will my YouTube or Vimeo video be private?

  • Both YouTube and Vimeo give you some privacy options once you've uploaded your video. YouTube 'Unlisted' privacy setting means only those with the link to the video can view it. 

  • With Vimeo you can also password protect your video so that only those with the password can view it.


What file types are supported if I'm uploading a video directly into Poppulo

Please refer to the table below.
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