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When using Poppulo Harmony, you have the option to download a full list of your People by Running a Search and downloading the results as a .CSV file. The instructions for how to download a list of all your Poppulo Harmony People are below. You can also Download a list of People that have Unsubscribed

To Download a List of People:

  1. Run a Search to generate the list of People you would like to download. 

    • To view all active People in your account, use the search criteria below.
      User-added image

      Note: Uncheck the Show Only Active People box to include inactive People in your search. 

  2. On your Search results page, select the Download button. 
    User-added image
    Note: The columns in your .CSV file will match those on the results page. You can Display Additional Columns in your Results, by clicking Columns

  3. Name your file and select Download.
    User-added image

  4. A list of your People will download as a .CSV file. 

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