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Send for Review lets you send a draft version of an email to your team, manager or other stakeholders in order to capture feedback and/or approval. 

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  1. Create a New Email - Create an email and fill it with content. Once a draft of your email is ready you can send it out for feedback and/or approval. 
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  2. Send an Email for Review - The draft version of your email is sent to a Reviewer Group. Those in the group can send you feedback on your email or approve it. This Feedback is captured and stored in Poppulo Harmony. (See What a Reviewer Sees).
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  3. View Feedback from your Reviewers under the Comments icon when editing an email. Action any feedback you want to. 
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  4. Close your Review if you're happy with the feedback or if you've recieved approval. 
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  5. Send another Review or maybe it's time to Approve and Send your Email.
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