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Preferred language is a data Field in Poppulo Harmony. If you store data for your employees in this field, you can send emails based on this preference. Employees will receive the Translated Newsletter in their preferred language. Use the instructions below to send an Multilingual Email to your employees preferred language. 

Note: For the feature to work, it must be enabled by Poppulo Support/CSM and you must store data in the preferred language field and be using a Multilingual Template.

To Send an Newsletter based on an Employee's Preferred Language:

  1. Approve and Send your Email.

  2. Click Send Now in the final step of the Wizard to send you Email.
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    Note: Employees will receive the email in their inbox in their preferred language, if they have data stored in the People record. The email will arrive in the default language if there's no data in the field. Employees can click through to other language versions of the Email using the language links. 

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