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Poppulo Harmony supports a wide range of file types listed in the table below and can be uploaded into the Media library, or directly into an email. 

Supported File Types:

File Type
File Extension
Excel Spreadsheet(.xls)
Portable Document Format(.pdf)
Microsoft Word Document(.doc)
Comma Separated Values File(.csv)
Microsoft Word Open XML Document(.docx)
Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet   (.xlsx)
PowerPoint Presentation(.ppt)
PowerPoint Open XML Presentation(.pptx)
PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show(.ppsx)
OpenDocument Text Document(.odt)
OpenDocument Spreadsheet(.ods)
OpenDocument Presentation(.odp)
MP3 Audio Files(.mp3)
Windows Media(.wmv)
MPEG Movie Files(.mpeg)
MP4 Movie Files(.mp4)
Quicktime File Format(.mov)
Graphical Interchange Format File(.gif)
JPEG Image(.jpeg)
Portable Network Graphic(.png)
Tagged Image File Format(.tiff)
Progressive JPEG Image(.pjpeg)
Plain Text File(.txt)
Cascading Style Sheet(.css) 
Hypertext Markup Language File(.html)
XML File(.xml)
Rich Text Format File(.rtf)
Zipped File(.zip)
Flash Video File(.flv)
Shockwave Flash Movie(.swf)
Visio Drawing File(.vsd)


Files are not attached to Poppulo Harmony emails (and will not show as an attachment in your readers inbox), they are saved on the emails' microsite. The file is displayed when the reader clicks on a link to the file. 

Please note: 12mb is the maximum file size allowed for files uploaded into your Poppulo Harmony account.

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