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Use the frequently asked questions below to address questions you have about your custom template created by our design team.

What is a Section?

Sections help categorise your content and decide where in your Newsletter, your articles appear. Sections can help your readers to quickly scan the email content and to determine what content is relevant to them, a section for HR News or US Office Updates for example. 

How do I Edit my Section Titles?

Section titles can be edited in the ‘Sections’ area of your account, see Rename your Sections.

Can I Delete Sections if I don’t need them?

Sections cannot be deleted; however, a section without an Associated Articles will not appear in your Newsletter. Ensure there is no content in a section if you do not want it to appear to your readers.

Can I move the Content Areas (article areas/content boxes) around my Template?

Drag-and-drop functionality is available when you Reorder your Articles within a section. Change the Order of your Sections and Change the Section Associated with an Article for complete control of where your content appears in your Newsletter.

Note: The Layout View, available to users with the 'Editor' role, gives you complete control over your template.

Can I show or hide the side panel/column of my Template?

Once a design has been approved at sketch stage, this is exactly what we will build into your account. If you choose to include a side column, then there is no option to remove or switch it off.


Are we able to add/delete blocks depending on the Articles we want to feature?

Depending on your design requirements, we may build different article layouts (one-column, two-column, three-column) into your template. These different layouts are linked to specific sections. When you Create an Article, you then Associated the Article with a Section you want it to appear in. For example if you want to display content in a two-column article block, you assign your article to the two column section.

You can add as many articles as you want to each section. It is worth noting that the three-column article layout is optimised to display three, six, nine, etc. articles, although you can add any number of articles to this layout. Likewise, the two-column layout is ideal for displaying two, four, six, etc. articles.

Note: The Layout View, available to users with the 'Editor' role, gives you complete control over your template.


How do I turn on Comments for my Articles?

You can Turn On Comments for an Article by Editing an Article or when Create an Article. You can also Enable Comments for your Folder or Turn On Social Features in a Flyer.


How many Articles can I add to my Newsletter?

You can add as many articles to your Newsletter as you want. 

Can I have Circular Images?

If you want your article images to display as curved or circular, the curves must be part of the image that you upload. 

Can I Edit Text over Images?

This is not possible as email clients (i.e. Outlook, Gmail) do not support background images (the option to layer editable text over an image).

Are the Title and Date Fields editable?

The main title field is an Editable Content Areas. The date can be set to editable or set to automatically populate based on the send date. 

Can I Edit my Masthead Image?

Yes, the masthead image is an Editable Content Areas. You can replace it with another image, but ensure that your new image is the same width (typically 650 pixels wide) or larger. If larger, it will automatically scale down to the correct size when uploaded.

Can I Edit the Useful Links Box?

Yes the useful links box is an an Editable Content Areas.

Can I Remove the Survey if I don’t need to use it?

Surveys are optional, and will only appear if you add a survey. If you don’t select a survey, then the survey box will not appear in your email. Learn to Create a Survey.

In the Contact Box is the contact number clickable on mobile phones?

Yes, the contact number is clickable on mobile devices.


Is the address in the contact details area linked to Google Maps - will it automatically display the address on google maps?

Google Maps will need to be linked manually in the contact details. 

Can we have a calendar function like the event template on our newsletter template?

Unfortunately the calendar function is not available in the newsletter template. The registration page functionality is specific to the Event templates. Alternatively, you can create your own .ics file and link to this in your newsletter, or you can link to an external calendar for your registration.

Can I add multiple custom fonts to the font drop-down menu?

The drop-down fonts menu is limited to a set number of web-safe fonts and we cannot add custom fonts to it. Instead, we can target a custom font in the CSS, and set this custom font to overwrite the web-safe ‘default’ font in the template theme.

However, please note if you use the article editor to apply a specific font other than ‘default’, this will overwrite the custom font applied in the CSS.

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