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A Microsite is a small website Poppulo Harmony creates to host your content. The cover-page of your Newsletter appears in an employee's inbox, however, back-page content cannot be displayed in the inbox. Newsletters are emails filled with Articles, when a reader clicks on Read More Link Text in an Article they'll be taken to a web version of the email. The web version of the email is known as a Microsite. It's a fully-functioning online version of your email and all engagement with the Microsite is tracked and can be viewed in the Poppulo Harmony Reports area. 
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Note: Some calls to action or Read More links might link to external websites or your intranet. 

Why is a Microsite needed?

Email inboxes can only display a single-page email. The Microsite allows your employees to engage with multiple pages of an email, not just the one that appears in the inbox. 

Do Flyer Emails have Microsite?

Yes. Typically a Flyer is a single-page email, but Poppulo Harmony always creates a Microsite for reporting purposes. You do not need to use the Microsite for a flyer type email, and readers may not need to engage your flyer. 

What is a "CTA"?

A CTA is a Call to Action. The Read More link in an article is an example of a CTA as you want the reader to click to read more content. 

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